About LTS
Love To Serve, Inc. Tennis and Education Foundation (LTS) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization whose mission is to provide quality tennis and education programs that contribute to positive youth development, improve student academic outcomes, and build knowledge and skills for future success in college and careers.

LTS was founded in 1992 by CEO L. LaMont Bryant, a tennis professional and former school teacher. Coach Bryant recognized the need for a program that would provide access to the non-traditional sport of tennis, particularly for under-served youth in Chicago.  His goal was to establish an organization that would keep impressionable urban youth off the streets by creating an arena for them to participate in structured tennis and academic programs after school, on weekends, and throughout the summer.  Through hard work, dedication, and the development of strategic partnerships, LTS has become a nationally recognized organization serving hundreds of student athletes annually.

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Leadership Team

L. LaMont Bryant

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Coach Bryant is originally from Rockford, Illinois. He attended the University of Sioux Falls in South Dakota and Governors State University in Illinois, where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education and a Master of Science Degree in Urban Education, respectively.

Recognized as "one of the most successful innovators of junior development tennis programs in the US," L. LaMont Bryant is well respected for his dedication and commitment to junior tennis. Coach Bryant spearheaded the 10 and under tennis program for the Chicago Public Schools in 1997 and continues to develop partnerships to expand tennis in Chicago’s underserved communities.

    Lori James

    Executive Director

    Lori James is a Chicago native who grew up in the Englewood Community. She attended the University of Illinois-Chicago where she studied Quantitative Methods in Business and received her Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University.

    Lori has been committed to working with Love To Serve in an effort to ensure that both tennis and educational programs are available to Chicago youth and teens. She is highly respected in the community for her ability to organize, manage and implement youth based programs.

      Tennis Programs
      10 & Under
      Emphasis on fun, sharing time and developing hand and eye coordination. Introduction to the proper stroke production.
      Beginners & Advanced Beginners
      Player has had some tennis experience and can perform basic tennis skills
      Middle School - High School Players
      This player is interested in developing and refining their tennis skills
      Future Novices
      Previous tennis experience required. Can keep the ball in play at a slower pace
      Tournament Players
      Player development includes competitive drills, match play points, footwork, and mental strategy. Tournament participation is encouraged.
      Education Programs

      College Athletic Assistance Program
      There are no other programs that provide the athletic and educational support for student athletes in Chicago like Love To Serve, Inc.

      Our program develops and prepares students to be successful in their home lives, on the tennis court, and in the classroom. LTS provides student athletes with academic support, educational enrichment, college preparation, and tennis training. Students receive tennis training throughout the week. Workshops are also conducted throughout the year in the following areas:

      • ACT Preparation
      • Scholarship Application Completion
      • College Application
      • Essay Preparation and Resume Writing

      Students' academic achievements and college readiness are closely monitored to ensure students are on track for success. LTS Participants should expect to improve their GPA and ACT scores - and be in a position to qualify for an NCAA scholarship or academic scholarship upon graduation.

      80% College Entry Rate
      With an 80% College Entry Rate, the power of the College Athletic Assistance Program is proven. Our students currently attend or have graduated from the following institutions:

      Butler University ● Clark-Atlanta University ● Chicago State University ● Columbia College ● DePaul University ● Dillard University ● Hampton University ● Howard University ● University of Michigan ● Morehouse College ● Tuskegee University ● North Carolina University ● New York University ● Xavier University ● Northwestern University ● Shaw University ● South Suburban College ● Spellman College ● Southern A&M University ● Stanford University ● University of Illinois ● Washington University ● North Carolina A&T University ● Florida A&M University ● Bradley University ● Prairie View University ● Southern Illinois University ● Virginia State University ● Emory University ● Coe University ● University of Nevada Las Vegas ● Ohio State University

      Strategic Alliances

      After School Matters
      After School Matters is a non-profit organization that partners with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Park District, and the Chicago Public Library to expand out-of-school opportunities for Chicago teens. Working together, these institutions help to revitalize Chicago neighborhoods and enrich the lives of teens around the city.

      Through After School Matters programs, Chicago teens can safely take part in activities that offer positive relationships, skills that translate to the workplace, and exposure to career and educational opportunities both in their neighborhoods and throughout the city.

      After School Matters programs help teens build skills for the future: apprenticeships and club activities. To help satisfy those program objectives, LTS provides teens with the opportunity to apprentice as tennis coaches and officials. Teens receive a stipend for participation in this program.

      Chicago Park District/Sports 37
      In collaboration with the Chicago Park District, LTS prepares and trains teens to teach tennis to youth participating in Chicago Park District Summer Camp sites throughout Chicago. Teen coaches are paid a competitive hourly wage as a Junior Tennis Coach during the summer. Once the teen coaches graduate from high school, they are eligible to work throughout college and during their summer breaks.

      Ray and Joan Kroc Community Center
      As a valued partner, we provide the Kroc Community Center with year round tennis and educational programming. Four outdoor courts and two indoor practice courts allow LTS the unique opportunity to implement tennis programming in a community that never had structured tennis before.

      United States Tennis Association (USTA)
      As an organizational member of the USTA, LTS provides the following USTA programming as a Community Tennis Association:

      • National Junior Tennis League (NJTL)
      • 10 and Under Tennis
      • USTA After School Tennis Clubs
      • Junior Team Tennis
      • Adult Start/Restart Tennis

      Community Support & Relationships
      The following government, corporate strategic alliance partners provide support, resources and assistance for our programs:

      • City of Chicago — Department of Family and Support Services
      • Chicago Park District
      • After School Matters Chicago
      • USTA Tennis & Education Foundation
      • USTA Midwest Section
      • USTA Chicago District

      Love To Serve, Inc. Tennis and Education Foundation
      3400 West 111th Street
      Suite 408
      Chicago, Illinois 60655